Scholarship & Stipend Guidelines

SYC Charitable Foundation Scholarship Overview:

The SYC Charitable Foundation provides educational scholarships to individuals for studies in Marine Science, including Marine Environmental Studies, Marine Engineering or Seamanship”

Scholarship applicants are restricted to persons living in Sarasota or Manatee County.  

Scholarship applications will not be considered for individuals who are related to:

            Directors of the Foundation

            Directors of the Sarasota Yacht Club

            Substantial Contributors to the Foundation

Funding Guidelines:

1)   Scholarships are granted for participation in approved educational programs.

2)   Must be enrolled or soon to be enrolled as a Full time student at the Secondary, Undergraduate or Graduate School Level.

3)   Must demonstrate academic achievement, community involvement, financial need for consideration

4)   Must be willing to sign an agreement that will specify the cooperation expected of the applicant in furnishing reports, photographs, appearances or testimonials with respect to his or her award

5)   Academic Scholarships will be primarily considered for tuition assistance but may also be considered for boarding assistance and or book and related supplies.

6)   Must submit an online application provided on the website

7)   Scholarships application request must be renewed annually.

8)   Scholarships will not exceed $2500 to an individual for any one year.

9)   The Applicant must be a U.S Citizen and be attending a U.S. accredited institution of learning.

Summer Seamanship, Scholastic and Intern Scholarship Guidelines

  1. Stipends may be awarded on a limited basis for the SYC Summer Camp Program

  2. Stipends may be awarded to help facilitate a previously approved Scholarship Grantee the ability to participate in an academically related Internship program

  3. Stipends will not exceed $500 per year per applicant

Following evaluation of Scholarship and or Stipend application

  1. An applicant will receive a letter explaining why the application did not receive  funding or:
  2. A funding agreement that will specify the Amount as well as the terms and conditions of the Scholarship or Stipend Award